Mag-asawang Magsasaka, Nanalo Sa Lotto Ngunit Naglaho Ang Lahat Matapos Maloko Ng Kaniyang Kamag-anak

All of us dream to give our family a better life and future. So we really work hard to fulfill the dreams that we have for our family. But because of poverty and the increased price of our necessities, there are times that the income of our fellowmen is not enough for their daily needs. Therefore, most of them are looking for other solutions to have a comfortable life, such as lottery betting.

Among them is couple Ernie and Vergie. Both of them came from a poor family and doesn’t give a chance to study.

Even though they are poor, the couple is especially happy in their lives and they are blessed with children. The two are both working as a farmer. Because of their hard work, they can able to eat three times a day. Every day, they were betting on the lottery in the hopes that they can win the jackpot prize.

They don’t have any numbers to be taken care of. Until one day, Vergie dreamed of a combination of numbers and according to her dream, she had to bet it on the lottery immediately. So, the next morning she immediately ordered her husband Ernie to buy a lottery ticket but because he could not write, they just asked her relative Angel to bet the numbers.

The numbers really won and the couple was very happy because they will finally have a good life. But unexpectedly their lives became more chaotic because many people interfere with them upon learning they won the lottery.

Sadly, they only received 900,000 in cash because the others were already deposited in Angel’s bank account because he was the one who signed the lotto ticket. Since then, Angel did not appear in front of them again. Aside from this, some of their relatives sell fake titles to them so they quickly lost the money they won.

The family has just returned to Bicol with the help of his aunt. They started a new life again in the province and continued to live well. Meanwhile, the last news they heard about the people who deceived them was that they had a serious il1ness.

Deceiving other people will never bring a good thing. In the end, God surely has a punishment for people who love to deceive their fellowmen.

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