Banana Cue Girl, Viral Ngayon Sa Social Media Dahil Sa Ganda Nito At Pagkakahawig Sa Actress Na Si Coleen Garcia

It is said that the Philippines is among the countries that are home for beautiful people, whether it is from face features or appearance.

Just like a stunning young lady from a province who doesn’t have any idea that her photos will go viral online.

She is Alyssa Nicole Nengasca, a 16-year-old young lady who lives in Barangay Poblacion 2 Midsayap. Alyssa is now on her grade 11 at the Notre Dame of Midsayap College.

Photos of her holding a bilao full of banana cue went viral online. In the said photos, it can be seen that she is truly a beauty!

Many netizens said that she can be a beauty queen someday because the qualifications of being a beauty queen were already on her.

Some also said that with the beauty that she possesses, she can easily enter the showbiz industry.

Some said that Alyssa has a resemblance to actress Coleen Garcia because of the shape of her face and her pointed nose.

Alyssa is really beautiful and stunning that she can easily capture the hearts of every guy. But aside from her beauty, many netizens praised her for finding a way to earn money so she can help her parents to support the everyday needs of their family.

She is not embarrassed about selling banana cues in their barangay just to earn money that can help her parents.

Meanwhile, Alyssa expressed her gratitude for all the comments she was receiving from the online community and she also hopes that many will be inspired through her.

Alyssa is truly a role model for everyone, especially to the youth because she is not ashamed of what she is doing as long as she was able to give help to her family. She just does not have a pretty face but she also has a good personality!

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