Babae Na Nagpakasal Sa Lalaki Na Nakilala Niya Online, Nagulat Nang Nalaman Ang Tunay Na Estado Sa Buhay Ng Lalaki

This couple met online and they had a relationship for over 10 months until they decided to get married. Little did the girl know that her husband who she thought a simple man turned out to be a multi-millionaire businessman.

A netizen, who is amazed by their love story, said,

“Nagsimula sa simpleng hi at hello, tapos nauwi sa kasalan. At ngayon ang lalakeng akala niya ay simpleng tao lang isa palang milyonaryo.”

She added,

“Grabe parang sa movie ko lang nakikita ang ganitong kwento.”

Almost all of us have been dreaming to meet our own soulmate that can love us unconditionally, but sadly, not each of us is lucky enough to meet them. But this amazing story of this couple will surely make you believe that destiny really exists.

A woman named Nguyen Van Ahn from Vietnam is very gorgeous. With her stunning beauty, it is no wonder why Van Ahn had several suitors, however, she wasn’t interested in any of them.

She graduates in a prestigious school in Vietnam, the Hanoi University of Science and Technology. Vahn Ahn still felt that there is something missing in her life despite having a successful career.

While she was browsing the photos of her idol one day in May 2016, she noticed a man standing in a background of the picture of her idol. Upon seeing the man, she quickly felt that something special to him.

Vahn Ahn did the first move. She messages the social media account of her idol and asks about the mysterious guy he was with on the picture. Her idol responded to her and introduced the guy.

The guy is Duan Tuan. He messages Vahn Ahn after he was told about the request. The two became comfortable and close to each other after just a few days of talking online. The two had a relationship for 10 months until they decided to get married.

However, the parents of Vahn Ahn wasn’t agreed about the decision of their daughter. As a parent, they are worried and terrified that their daughter might choose the wrong guy.

So, Tuan decided to go to Vietnam to prove how much he loves Vahn Ahn to her parents. Good thing he was able to get the blessings of the parent in just a couple of weeks.

Vahn Ahn, later on, discovered that her husband is a multi-millionaire businessman. Tuan said he doesn’t reveal his true wealth to Vahn Ahn to know if she really loves him for who he is and not for his money.

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