Milyonaryong Businessman, Php2.7 million Ang Sahod Na Ibibigay Para Sa Kaniyang Personal Assistant Na Sasama Sa Kaniya Na Magtravel Sa Buong Mundo

Could you ever imagine that someone is really willing to pay a million peso for someone who wanted to travel with him?

Well, you might think that you are reading a plotline from a rom-com movie upon reading this story but this is really happening in real life.

Meet the 26-year-old Matthew Lapre, a millionaire man who is offering a huge amount of money and complete benefits package to someone who is willing to become his personal assistant and will travel with him all over the world.

According to Matthew, he will be the one to shoulder all the costs including allowance, airfare, and hotel accommodation. He will also pay a yearly wage of $52,000 or equivalent to more than Php27 million.

Matthew said on one of his interviews,

“Travelling while I work has allowed me to live my ideal life, and I want to give someone the opportunity to do the same alongside me.”

The young millionaire also said that candidates must possess certain requirements before applying, including the capacity to arrange travel itineraries, ability to multi-task, has proficient knowledge in social media channels, possesses a tenacity as well as carry a passport that is valid for at least a year.

Based on the source, this millionaire man runs the E-Commerce Warrior Academy, an e-commerce business. He was only 23 years old when he makes his own business.

At that time, he was taking up a Dentistry course, but instead of finishing his course, he chose to run a business.

But his decision is worth it as his e-commerce business grew rapidly to where it is today.

As the boss of four online businesses, the work of Matthew able to bring him to different countries all over the world such as Hawaii, Japan, and Dubai.

Meanwhile, this immediately circulated on social media and had everyone say “Sana all!”

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