Isang Binata, Nagpakam4tay Matapos Makatanggap Ng Pananakot Sa Kaniyang Inutangan Na Loan Apps

Due to the pand3mic, many have lost their jobs and livelihoods. Everyone has their strategy to buy food and meet the needs of the family.

Jake Albay is one of the millions of individuals who lost their jobs, but thanks to the help of his friend Neru Sanchez, he was able to apply to Japan to become an OFW. Everything was well since Jake was quick to complete the paperwork for his departure. Little did he and his friend’s family know that a shocking event will happen to him that will break their heart.

Unfortunately, Jake ended his own life allegedly because of having a large debt in loan apps.

It is said that Jake’s entire family did not know that he had a debt. Even his sister and mother who are OFWs in Dubai are clueless about the huge debt he had.

According to Jake’s sister, they even talked one night before that happened.

Jake’s last message to his sister,

“Mahal na mahal kita ate pati kayo ni mama at papa huwag na huwag mo silang pababayaan.”

Jake’s sister didn’t think that would be the last message she would receive from her brother.

According to a report, his life is threatened by someone when he fails to pay his debt.

Based on the letter, Jake’s debt was only in the amount of P3,000 pesos but it grew bigger and bigger because of the interest until he could no longer pay it. Jake’s life was threatened, prompting him to take his own life.

The tragedy surprised and saddened his whole family and friends. They still can’t believe their beloved Jake is no longer with them.

With what happened to Jake, his friends advised all people that this should be a warning to those who want to try to get a loan using loan apps.

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