Anne Curtis, Nagulat Sa Ginawa Ni Erwan Huesaff Sa Kanilang Anak Na Si Baby Dahlia Amelie

Actress Anne Curtis and chef Erwann Huesaff are one of the couples that many netizens are looking forward to, especially to the updates of their family.

From the proposal, marriage, and the announcement of Anne that she was already expecting a child was always trending on social media. Until the actress gives birth to their first baby.

Seeing fathers looking and taking care of their child is really a nice sight to see, especially when the child is still in the infant stage. Erwan Huesaff is just among the fathers who is enjoying being a first-time dad.

In the social media posts of the couple, it could notice that they are really hands-on in taking care of their baby Dahlia Amelie. Erwan is not only busy preparing delicious and healthy food for his wife as he is also taking care of their baby.

On July 19, 2020, Erwan posted a video on her Instagram account with a caption that reads: “Baby handling 101”. In the video, it can be seen how Erwan holds the baby while he is balancing his shoulder. The video quickly goes viral online and reached more than 906,866 views. It also earned mixed reactions from the netizens.

Meanwhile, his brother-in-law, Nico Bolzico, commented on his IG post, saying what Erwan did is big advice to him on how he takes care of his child with Solen Huesaff.

Erwan then replied to Nico’s comment and said,

“So disappointing. This message was not approved by Dahlia’s mom by the way, if you don’t hear from me in 3 days. Send help.”

Anne was very surprised by what Erwan did to their baby. The actress also left a comment in the video

She wrote,

“HOOOOOOOOOY!!!! This is what happens pala when you let me sleep in!!!!! MY BAAAAAAABY!!!! That’s it You have to take the 4am diaper duty shift!!!!”

Meanwhile, some netizens disliked how Erwan holds their child as baby Dahlia is only a toddler and holding her like that might h4rm her.

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