Ito Pala Ang Tunay Na Nangyari Sa Ilong Ng Singer Na Si Moira dela Torre

Moira Dela Torre has finally stepped out to clarify what happened to her nose, putting an end to speculation circulating on social media about her nose.

In the recent presscon for her concert Braver, Moira revealed to the entertainment press that she is in the process of recovery from the incident that happened to her.

The singer stated,

“I’m still recovering. There’s still a lot of things [to be done], but I’m 85 percent well.”

Moira did not provide any further information regarding what happened.
The multi-award-winning singer also disclosed that her nose had become necrosis, or rotten.

Moira shared,

“Well, basically, may nagkamali. And my nose went on necrosis. And it was a very simple procedure. It’s non-invasive. But it went wrong. Hindi po siya naagapan agad because we had no idea what was happening. I was at high risk of being blind, of aneurysm, of heart attack, and str0ke.”

Necrosis is a process in which cells and tissue die or simply decay. Perhaps this is also the reason that was greatly affected by her judging in Idol Philippines.

The “Malaya” singer also stated that she spent three months recovering at their house as a result of what happened.

She said,

“And for three months, I was at home recovering ‘cause I was on house arrest. But I’m better now. God is Good. I’m 85% healed but I’m 100% healed internally. I feel like this whole season made me so much better.”

Despite this, Moira said that she will not file a case against the medical practitioner who did the damage and said that she has forgiven him.

Moira claims that the incident occurred just a few months after she got married.

Moira said, sharing the reaction of her husband,

“Siyempre he was super calm, but I know that he was super scared inside. Kasi bagong kasal kami and that was like what a month after our wedding. Or two months after our wedding. The whole time he was at the hospital with me. So was my handler Mac Merla.”

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