62-anyos Na Ama, Nakatanggap Ng Batikos Online Matapos Kumalat Ang Larawan Nito Sa Paghal1k Sa Labi Ng Kaniyang Anak

Every parent has an influential impact on their children’s self-worth, confidence, self-esteem, and body image.

A father’s bond with his daughter influences her capacity to express her emotions, sentiments, and thoughts. The father’s connection with his daughter also has a significant impact on her life.

This 62-year-old father recently received criticism and nasty remarks from netizens in response to a photo he uploaded in which he kissed his daughter on the lips.

Joseph Lee, a prominent TVB actor, went to Macau with his family to celebrate his daughter’s 15th birthday.

He wrote in the caption of his post,

“Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday! So happy!”

However, this photo of him with his daughter Cherrie, in which he can be seen kissing her on the lips, drew criticism from the online community.

People were also quick to make judgments about him. Some others even commented harshly on the photo.

According to a netizen,

“I don’t think you should k1ss your daughter like that. Males and females should be treated differently after all.”

On the other hand, some netizens defended him, saying,

“If you think this is dirty, then everything would be d1rty to you.”

In a text message sent to the media, Joseph stated that kissing his daughter on the lips is typical for a father to do and that he only did so because his daughter was still a baby.

“As far as I know, a lot of other people understand me, so I don’t need to explain things that have never been an issue.”

Meanwhile, Cherrie expressed her disappointment with the issue and said that what her father did was only a show of his love for her.

“I think it’s just ridiculous that a k1ss by a family member is dist0rted into something vul6ar.”

Meanwhile, Joseph Lee is not the only celebrity to face backlash for kissing his kids.

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