Ama Na Nakipaglaro Pa Sa Hukay Na Ginawa Para Sa Kaniyang Anak, Dumurog Sa Puso Ng Mga Netizens

No one can match the love a parent has for their child. They don’t mind putting in the effort and making sacrifices to see their children happy and make their life better.

And seeing their children struggling is probably one of the most painful things a parent can feel. Especially when they find out that their child has a dis3ase.

When their child becomes ill, treatment is necessary, and the associated costs are carried by our parents. However, despite this, they will do everything to find a solution to their children’s condition.

Most of us believe that whenever there is a problem that comes into our lives, it is just a test that we must pass.

But what if the problem or condition you encounter has no solution? What are you going to do with it?

The story of a father who played with his ailing child in a pit he dug himself moved and broke the hearts of many.

This is the story of a father who had prepared the grave of his two-and-a-half-year-old son, Zhang Xin Lei, who suffers from a severe bl0od conditi0n.

Zhang Xin’s illn3ss was caused by Thalassemia, which resulted in abn0rmal hem0globin levels in his body.

Even though it was painful for his father, he still dug his son’s grave because at any time the Lord could take the young Zhang Xin from them.

The last time the father and son were together, Zhang Xin’s father even played with him in the pit that he made himself. They lay there playing while there’s pain in his father’s heart since he may lose his son at any moment.

This situation and incident are quite painful to our parents.
Hopefully, a miracle will occur and young Zhang Xin Lei’s condition will heal, and there will be good people to help them.

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