Ellen Adarna, May Rebelasyon Sa Panloloko Na Naranasan Niya Sa Kaniyang Dating Kasintahan

Actress Ellen Adarna has once again made noise and made a buzz on social media. This is after she had a question-and-answer portion on her Instagram account.

Her admirers and followers took advantage of the chance to ask the actress questions that had been bothering them for a long time.
Ellen responded to all of the questions thrown at her directly.

One netizen asked,

“Why do people ch3at?”

The actress answered,

“Simple, kay di sila kontento [hindi sila kuntento].”

The next question is in Bisaya, but what is being asked of her is if she has also experienced being cheated on.

This time, the 32-year-old actress opened up about her own experience.

Ellen said she had a boyfriend who cheated on her while they were on vacation. She found out the truth and did not hesitate to leave their home without informing him.

Her advice to her followers,

“So, you know, he’s not worth chasing. I never chase. And you shouldn’t be chasing also, you know, because you’re a woman.

You shouldn’t be chasing because you’re a woman. The egg doesn’t swim to the sperm, it doesn’t work that way. It’s not natural.”

One of her followers asked her how she was able to remain strong and independent despite the heartbreaks she experienced.

The actress answered,

“Because heartbr3aks are just temporary. If you work hard to be a strong and independent woman, it can be forever. Dili na nimo problema, that’s their problem. You just have to deal with the pa1n and get through it with composure.”

A netizen then asked how she cope if someone she loves leaveS her.

According to Ellen, she did not encounter this, but she experienced how being left by a man.

Ellen Adarna

“Bat nakigbalik niya di na ako, wa na nako dawata. [Pero nakipagbalikan siya, pero hindi ko na tinanggap].

“So wa pa ako nabiyaan. [So, hindi pa ako iniwanan.]”

Ellen stated that her dream marriage would be someone compatible with her. Ifs he had to choose between attitude or appearance, she said it was the same because she was tired of choosing.

Ellen also chose common values ‚Äč‚Äčinstead of common interests. As a woman, Ellen wishes to become wealthy and find a man who would truly love her and not abandon her no matter what.

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