Ina Ng Groom, Nakilala Ang Bride Na Siya Pala Ang Matagal Niyang Nawawalang Anak Dahil Sa Birthmark!

This bride discovered something unexpected in the middle of her wedding celebration in China. This was when she found out that she was the long-lost daughter of her mother-in-law.

The said event that seems similar to the stories we often watch on television happened on March 31 in Suzhou, China.

On the wedding day itself, the mother-in-law was surprised when she saw the birthmark on the bride’s body as it resembled the birthmark of her daughter, who had disappeared when she was little.

That’s why she couldn’t stop wondering if her in-laws had adopted their child. They were just startled that she knew about it because they hadn’t told anybody about their child’s adoption.

They thought that the marriage will end. However, in an unexpected turn of events, the mother-in-law revealed that her son is not only not her biological son, but is also adopted.

In the end, the marriage was a success. The unexpected event of “a son becoming a son-in-law” and “a daughter-in-law becoming a biological daughter” ended happily and successfully despite what happened.

The bride’s family also revealed that they had adopted the latter.

In addition to that, they also found the woman on the side of the road when she was born just as her mother-in-law described.

Upon realizing that her biological mother was none other than her mother-in-law, the bride began to shed tears. But it was because of so much happiness that she is feeling.

According to a report from China, the woman described the incident as “happier than the wedding day itself.”

She just not only married the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with, but she also found out her real identity and knew who her biological mother.

All the guests who attended the wedding were also surprised by the incident.

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