Ito Pala Ang Tunay Na Dahilan Ng Pagkawala Ng Baby Ni Julia Montes At Ang Kaniyang Action Film

Fans of actress Julia Montes appear to have been taken aback by reports that she is expecting her second child with action star Coco Martin.

The information spread on social media after the blind article about the actress who reportedly gave birth went viral. According to reports, the actress referred to by the said blind item is Julia Montes.

Her relationship with Coco was hidden and secret even though the public knew that there was a special relationship between the two.

According to the majority, she disappeared suddenly in the series ‘Ang Probinsyano,’ when she was teamed with Coco since she was apparently pregnant. The news that she is expecting her second child with Coco has also spilled for the first time, prompting netizens to point out that she gave birth about two months ago.

This was followed by fans noticing that she did not attend FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’s farewell walk at ASAP Natin ‘To.

Following her successful performance in the aforementioned series, the actress is currently working on another action film in which she will appear. The actress’s management also gives clarification on the rumor spreading about Julia giving birth to her second child.

Arjo Atayde, who will appear in the forthcoming action film ‘Topak,’ is also a member of the cast of Ang Probinsyano, based on the photos. The actress is clearly busy following her role in the action film’s emersion training and her preparation for Director Richard Psalms’ action-thriller picture.

Julia will also work with season actors including Sylvia Sanchez, Cid Lucero, Vin Abrenica, Paulo Paraiso, Arjo Atayde, and Kokoy de Santos in the said film.

It should be noted that the actress’s pregnancy became public when netizens observed that her weight had grown and that she seemed to be covering her stomach in the photos that appeared on social media.

According to netizens, she frequently wears a jacket in the Ang Probinsyano, and Coco’s attention is drawn to the actress.
Netizens also saw a snapshot of several stars of Ang Probinsyano at the thanksgiving celebration on August 14, fueling rumors that the actress is truly pregnant.

Julia Montes is a well-known Filipina actress who took a break from the spotlight to spend quality time with her German father. Julia has previously stated in interviews that she is happy in her relationship with Coco.

The two first worked together in the 2012 TV series ‘Walang Hanggan,’ which was followed by the film ‘A Moment in Time.’

It has long been speculated that the two are in a relationship, however, no clear confirmation has been provided, and neither has the couple denied the claim. Since then, the same news about her pregnancy in Germany has spread. However, her management eventually addressed the situation.

According to a reliable source, the actress gave birth to her first kid with Coco in 2019. Julia and Coco’s relationship has been low-key, and they appear unaffected by the issues that have been thrown at them. From the fans’ descriptions, their relationship was strong and happy.

Until now, the two are still silent about their love life status.

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