Lalaki Na Naka-croptop At Tadtad Ng Pekeng Tattoo, Isa Palang Pinakamayamang Hari Sa Buong Mundo

Would you believe that this guy in a crop top covered in fake tattoos is actually a king? He is not just any monarch, but the richest king on the planet. He is eight times the wealth of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, twice the wealth of King Salman of Saudi Arabia, and many times the wealth of Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei.

Let’s get to know the King of Thailand, Maha Vajiralongkorn, one of the most controversial kings in history.

Maha Vajiralongkorn with the official name King Rama X is the tenth king of the Chakri dynasty of Thailand. This comes after his father, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, d1ed in October 2016. His official coronation took place on May 4, 2019, in Bangkok’s Grand Palace and cost $31 million, or nearly P1.5 billion.

The royal procession took more than six hours. The king was rolled around Bangkok’s streets in a golden chair pulled by sixteen troops.

Hundreds of thousands of people in Bangkok witnessed the parade, which featured over 1,300 officials and white elephants. His eldest daughter, Princess Bajrakitiyabha, and his new bride, Queen Suthida, were among those who marched.

The king donned the legendary ‘Great Crown of Victory.’ It is made of pure gold and cut diamonds, with huge and rare Indian diamonds put on top of the crown. The 7.3-kilogram gold crown was inherited from the first king, King Rama I, in 1782. One of the new king’s first and most contentious instructions was to transfer royal assets and crown properties to his own possession. This means that the crown property bureau’s prior properties and enterprises are now its personal property.

Vajiralongkorn has an estimated net worth of $43-B or approximately two trillion pesos. The overall worth of the royal assets is at least $70 billion. Vajiralongkorn’s assets include 38 aircraft, including four Boeing Commercial Jets, three Airbus Commercial Jets, three Sukhoi Superjet 100s, four Northrop F-5E Eighter Jets, and twenty-one helicopters.

It costs $64 million per year in maintenance and gasoline alone. When traveling, Vajiralongkorn is frequently spotted riding a bicycle.

However, he possesses the most costly automobiles in the world in Thailand. Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III costs $1 million, Rolls Royce Phantom IV costs $1.1 million, Mayback S600 Pullman costs $1.4 million, Rolls Royce Silver costs $2 million, and many more.

He also owns 16,000 acres of land in Thailand, which it rents out to businesspeople and civilians. He also owns The Grace Palace Complex, which has been the formal residence of the monarchs since 1785 but is now solely utilized for ceremonial purposes by the royal family.

It is one of the tourist attractions for visitors to Bangkok. The Complex is 2.3 million square feet in size and functioned as the major office of the Kings and the Royal Court until 1925.

The King of Thailand now lives at the luxurious Dusit Palace. The Dusit Palace Complex is 64,749 square meters in size and is being developed by thirteen Royal residents. Among these is the Amphorn Sathan Residential Hall, which serves as King Vajiralongkorn’s official residence.

Siam Paragon, Siam Discover, and Siam Center Mall are just a few of Bangkok’s well-known malls built on property owned by the King.

He also owns 24% of Siam Commercial Bank and 33% of Siam Cement Group, Thailand’s largest industrial corporation.

The King’s property holdings in Bangkok alone are estimated to be worth at least $30 billion. Some of its most valuable possessions include the Royal Nine-Tiered Umbrella made of white silk and gold, The Sword of Victory made of gold with diamonds and precious stones, and the Golden Jubilee Diamond, a brown diamond weighing 545.67 carats and considered one of the largest diamonds in the world. It cost more than $12 million.

Under Thai law, all white elephants belong to the King. The white elephant symbolizes the aspect of cleanliness.

Vajiralongkorn’s father is the former King, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who is regarded as one of Thailand’s greatest rulers. That is why many people were saddened by his demise.

Unlike his father, the present king has numerous critics and is the most divisive of Thailand’s kings. Vajiralongkorn was called the “Playboy King of Thailand” because he was a womanizer. He was married four times and divorced three times. Queen Sudittha is the fourth and most recent of them. Apart from the wife, he is also legal to have a partner. His concubine Sininat has the official title of ‘Royal Concubine of the King of Thailand’.

One of the issues that were pointed at the King is his frequent absences from Thailand and longer stays in Germany. During the peak of the C0VID-19 pand3mic, the King allegedly stayed in a 4-star hotel in Germany with 20 female consorts.

The entire Grand Hotel Sonnenbichil located in the famous barbarian Alps was rented by the King who obtained a special permit from the local authority. This is despite the fact that most hotels in Germany are closed due to the lockdown while its citizens in Thailand are battling the C0VID-19 pand3mic.

As a result, Thais could not stop protesting, and the hashtag ‘Why Do We Need a King?’ began trending in Thai.

Even before becoming King, he spent a long time in Germany compared to Thailand. He has also been spotted at shopping malls with its Royal Consort wearing a crop top adorned with fake tattoos.

There is also speculation that he owns a home on Lake Starnberg, just a few kilometers from the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichil.

The royal assets of the British monarchy are valued at $88 billion, while those of the Thai royalty are valued at $ 70 billion or more.
As a result, some scholars claim that the Thai royal is even wealthier than the British monarchy.

The ‘Mes Majeste’ statute is one example of the King of Thailand’s power.
People are prohibited to offend, disparaging, or threaten their King or members of the royal family. It is punished by three to fifteen years in jail.

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