2-anyos Na Bata, Naka-order Ng 60 Produkto Sa Isang Shopping App Na Nagkakahalaga Ng P20,000

A two-year-old child accidentally placed orders on an online shopping app.

According to Denzen Manliguez, her mother, she lets her child use a cell phone just to watch or play. But unexpectedly, he ordered about 60 products with a total value of Php20,000.

In her interview with ‘Dapat Alam Mo!’ of GMA, Denzen Manliguez, a 27-year-old stay-at-home parent, assumed her daughter Denise was simply playing or watching something on her mobile.

Mommy Denzen shared,

“Pang-baby po lahat eh… Tapos may mga crop top pa, may mga gamit din po sa bahay. Nagulat po ako, kasi wala po akong pambayad lahat nu’n eh”

As a result, Denzen approached the sellers one by one, explaining what had happened as well as to the delivery riders who delivered some of the things that were ordered by her daughter.

Because her post went viral, even the delivery riders understood her situation and just asked for her ID to confirm her affiliation to the person who placed the orders.

Denzen said,

“Nakiusap na lang po ako po ako kay rider. Tapos hiningian lang po ako ng ID. Tsaka aware na rin po ang mga rider kasi nakita po nila sa Facebook.”

In her social media post, Denzen jokingly said that she wants to sell her daughter because of her being “paladesisyon”.

Denzen added,

“Sinabihan ko lang po siya, hindi ko po siya pinagalitan kasi hindi niya naman po alam ‘yun eh.”

Because of what happened, Denzen then decided to stop her daughter from using a mobile phone and removed the shopping app as well to avoid the said incident from happening again.

According to IT consultant Anjay Ruff Lim, based on statistics from, one out of every ten children has made an unintentional online purchase.

Meanwhile, six out of ten youngsters have purchased something online using their phones, shopping applications, or games.

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