Mapapanganga Ka Talaga Kung Gaano Kayaman Ang Komedyante At Aktor Na Si Dagul

Romi Pastrana, popularly known as Dagul, is a Filipino comedian, actor, and politician.

Romy Pastrana began his career in show business in 1998 thanks to singer-host Randy Santiago. Santiago eventually referred to her as “Dagul,” a Pampanga colloquial term meaning tall or huge, despite her little appearance.

Dagul rose to prominence after appearing in films such as “Isprikitik, Walastik Kung Pumitik” (1999), and “Juan & Ted: Wanted” (2000). When he and comedian Long Mejia teamed up in GMA-7’s humorous series “Kool Ka Lang” in 2001, the public came to know him even better.

Back then, many people were delighted with the “Long at Dagul” team up. Long considered moving to the ABS-CBN network, but Dagul eventually joined him. Long Mejia became a frequent co-host on Willie Revillame’s show “Masayang Tanghali Bayan,” and Dagul appeared on the show multiple times.

A few years later, the two separated as well. After appearing in “Home Alone da River” (2002) and “Home Along Da Airport,” Long has been quite active in his acting career (2003). Dagul, on the other hand, was frequently seen on television. He was a regular member of Goin’ Bulilit and a regular on the sitcom “Ok Fine Whatever” (2003).

Dagul is the only personality who has never left or graduated from the children’s Sunday gag show Goin’ Bulilit since his debut. The program’s director, Edgar Mortiz, was responsible for providing Dagul regular employment by casting him in the show.

Dagul was elected councilor of Barangay San Jose in Rodriguez, Rizal in October 2010 after receiving the most votes. He ran as “The Little Man With a Big Heart,” promising to create childcare facilities and deploy more medical personnel to impoverished areas if elected.

Dagul married in February 2013 and has three sons and one daughter. Except for his only daughter, who was also the youngest child, none of Dagul’s children inherited his dwarfism condition.

Dagul has obviously earned a lot of money and property via his television and film productions, as well as his endorsements in the entertainment industry. According to some reports, Dagul’s net worth is $1.5 million.

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