Netizen, Ibinahagi Ang Hindi Magandang Karanasan Sa Isang Catering Service: “40k! MERON PANG ISANG KALDERO NG KANIN NA BAWAS NA!”

Parents usually make extensive preparations for their child’s first birthday. Most people decorate it with a grand celebration. When it comes to parties, there’s the party setup, which includes a backdrop, balloons, table and chairs, cake, and food catering service.

Typically, they will hire party organizers who will handle everything in order to lessen the workload and stress of the celebrants.

But what if there was a problem with the event organizer you hired on the day of the birthday? What if they appear to have prepared everything, but when the big day arrives, you have nothing to serve your guests since the food you purchased did not arrive on time?

Unfortunately, this happened to a netizen named Ben Ramolete, and in his frustration, he shared his terrible experience with a catering service they booked online.

Ben stated that he shared the incident to alert and warn netizens so that it won’t happen again to others.

He said,

“You can judge me all you want, pero I am sharing this para ma-inform kayo so that you don’t make the same mistake that I did.”

Here’s the full post:

“Public Service Announcement / My review of S and F Kitchen and it’s owner, Jorissa Romero AKA Ssiroj Zi.

Long post ahead but I’ll try to make it as short as possible.

So me and my wife found this catering service online named S and F Kitchen and booked it for the 1st birthday and baptism/dedication of my 1st born son. Ang unang package namin was P15,000 for the event setup only (Backdrop, balloons, table setup, cake, etc.) since meron na kaming kausap na ibang caterer para sa food. Upon meeting Jorrisa at our venue, 2 weeks before the event, nag offer siya ng bagong package worth P40,000, and this time siya na din ang mag cater ng food namin. I must admit na hindi kami mayaman, and the thought of P40,000 for 100 pax was very enticing to us. Naisip namin “makakamura tayo and less hassle mag coordinate sa iba ibang tao para sa isang event”, so we went through and accepted the new package.

After agreeing with the new package, Jorissa again offered us that if we paid the full amount now, meron daw libreng food carts and gagwing two-layer yung cake ng baby ko. Now this is where we made our mistake, looking back, masyado yata too good to be true yung 40K para sa 100 pax.

And also, I will humbly admit na na-tempt talaga kami kasi laki ng matitipid namin. We really wanted kasi to invite everyone kaso limited budget lang kami, and even then madami pa kami di na invite (yes madami kami friends. We checked her FB page and trusted the pinned post about her legitimacy. And without doing further research, (our own legit check, etc.) we went ahead and paid the package in full. Upon sending her the payment, nag cchat kami para i-acknowledge niya na natanggap niya na, and of course para bigyan niya kami ng receipt, to no avail. Ilang araw na lumipas and still walang reply about the receipt (1st red flag in my mind). Nag chat na lang siya ulit samin mga couple of days na lang before the event.

You can judge me all you want, pero I am sharing this para ma-inform kayo so that you don’t make the same mistake that I did.

Fast forward to the event, August 14, 2022. 3PM ang schedule namin, 2:30PM dumating yung mga mag sesetup ng venue (the 2nd red flag). We receive a text from Jorissa informing us na made-delay yung food because of some problem about her cook, mga 4-5PM daw makakadating. Of course we had no other choice but to just wait for it, again di naman kami mayaman and we had no more budget left in case magka problema yung food. It’s now 6PM, wala parin yung pagkain, this time may problema naman daw yung LALAMOVE, this was the final straw, alam ko na sa sarili ko na hindi na dadating yung pagkain. Thank God at nag ambagan na lang family ko so we can at least order something, anything, para may ma serve man lang sa mga bisita. At around 6:30PM, I personally had to tell everyone (around mga 90 people) na “nagkaproblema” yung catering so mukhang ma-late ng sobra yung dating ng food, I would imagine gutom na sila at this point, so I told them na kung may plans pa sila, they can leave na, but if they chose to stay, ma appreciate namin yun, IMAGINE THE HUMILIATION THAT ME AND MY FAMILY WENT THROUGH DURING THAT TIME. While this was all happening, we were constantly calling Jorissa and demanded that she gave us an explanation for this mess.

Now its almost 9PM, merong dumating na SUV in what apparently was our food. I will not get into the details (just look at the pics and see for yourself), pero we were very disappointed with the food that arrived, MERON PANG ISANG KALDERO NG KANIN NA BAWAS NA. Dahil nag uwian na yung mga guests ko, we decided na what’s the point in accepting the food, sino pa papakainin namin? At this point, we demanded na pumunta siya sa event namin and that hindi namin papauwiin yung mga waiters niya habang di na aayos tong gulo na to.

Almost 11PM, lo and behold, dumating siya and apologized about what happened. After the initial confrontation, nag offer siya na mag cater siya ulit ng isang event para samin, free of charge (the nerve hahahha ). Sobrang stressed, humiliated, and pagod na ko to even listen to any of her excuses and of course nag decline kami sa stupid offer na yun. Long story short, pina blotter namin siya sa brgy. hall and she agreed to fully refund us kasi “kasalanan naman daw niya yun”. I will not be posting pics of it pero we have a written agreement, signed by all of us, that she will settle the full amount within the next 7 days, and that in return, di kami mag popost ng anything negative against her and S and F. We held our end of the deal, and as I expected, until now never na siya nag bayad.

So here we are now. I am not implying anything about Jorissa and S and F Kitchen. I am aware that there are always two sides to a story (which I’m sure mag co-comment siya dito to defend herself). I am merely sharing with you our experience with said catering service. If you want further proof, there are many people just like me who are being owed money by Jorissa, go ask them. Believe me, don’t believe me, it’s up to you. If you choose to book her services, I sincerely wish that you will have a more successful event than the one I just had.

If you are still here reading, thank you for your time.

To Jorissa/ S and F Kitchen: Me and my family have already forgiven you for what happened, pero it doesn’t mean that this is over. I believe that even above the law, God always has a way to make things right. I am doing this not to get any amount back from you. This is for me, my family, everyone that you have wronged, and for the people na baka matulad pa samin.

And to my son: Anak, I’m sorry this happened sa 1st birthday mo. I will do everything in my power to make sure na di mo na ulit mararanasan to, at babawi ako sayo I promise you. I love you.

I will be reposting this every once in a while (pag may free time ako ma stress ulit ) until justice is served. Feel free to share this on other groups if you feel that this will be helpful.

Moral lesson: Always do thorough research before booking a service especially online, always stick to your budget and accept what it can and cannot avail. Wag pilitin yung di naman kaya.

Thank you everyone and God bless.”

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