Isang ina, Tinuruan Ng Leksyon Ang Babaeng Sumita Sa Pagsasalita Ng English Ng Kaniyang Anak

This mother could not help but express her sentiments after a friend (whom she did not identify) chastised her about her child’s English speaking. She believed her child should be taught how to speak in Tagalog so he would communicate with others.

In her viral post, the mother was surprised when her friend suddenly messaged her and called her ‘be shy’. Following that, they began talking about her child’s speaking in English.

The mother said,

“Wala sa estado ng buhay kung english o tagalog ang ituturo mo sa mga anak mo nasa magulang un kung paano mo sila tsagain, or kung paano mo sila gusto matuto.”

The mother also admitted that her child is a “slow learner” at times because he is just two (2) years old. But as time passes by, her child is learning something. There are times they will be surprised because of the words coming out of his mouth. The mother also pointed out to her friend that they will eventually teach her child to speak Tagalog.

She then said that being picky is already natural for kids. She also warned her friend not to meddle with how she teach her daughter and she knows what she’s doing because it’s her child. She said it is up to the parents how they will raise their child.

The mother added,

“But everyday naman natututo siya at magugulat ka na lang sa lumalabas sa bibig niya. Nasa magulang ang tiyaga sis. Pag may tsaga may nilaga Huwag mong sabihin na maarte ang mga bata, natural yan sa bata. Lalo na pag mga babies pa. Ofcourse they being maarte due to the attitude of the guardians din siguro or if how you treat them nasa magulang kung paano mo sila palakihin, wala namang perpektong magulang. But you need to give your best para sa mga anak mo at magiging anak mo pa.”

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