Grab Rider, Emosyonal Matapos Bigyan Ng Hindi Inaasahang Regalo Mula Kay Dra. Vicki Belo

It is evident that celebrity dermatologist Dra. Vicky Belo is admired and idolized by many people. Aside from her skill when it comes to beautifying famous artists and being life goals in her life, she also has a very good heart and is always willing to help people in need.

In her social media accounts, one can see the life the doctor is enjoying now and how much she is loved by famous actresses, actors, and industry personalities because of their connection.

Because of her wealthy and abundant life, she can afford to buy whatever luxury thing she desires, such as shoes, bags, and many more.

Despite having had a successful life, Dra remains humble. Her feet also stay still on the ground. Dra. Belo doesn’t forget either to share the blessings she receives by giving offerings and gifts from people close to her, whether it is her close friends, celebrities, strangers, and people in need.

This grab driver is one of them who couldn’t help but cry out of happiness because of the gift she received from Dra. Belo which was completed his Christmas.

In her vlog, the famous doctor stated that she wanted to do an act of kindness for a random stranger and picked a grab driver.

Dra. Belo ordered a wide range of foods, and she awaited its delivery to her home. However, when the rider came, the doctor stated that everything she had ordered was really for this purpose.

The rider couldn’t believe it, and he was even more taken aback when Belo handed him P8000!

Meanwhile, it garnered positive remarks from netizens.

Here are some of their comments:

“Vicky Belo has really a good heart… That’s why she was so bless… God bless vicky.”

“It’s nice to see people like Dra. Vicki Belo with a big heart and very humble.”

“More blessings pa po Doc Vicky para marami pa kayong matulongan,God bless you.”

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