Isang Construction Worker At Asawa Nito, Nakapag-ipon Ng Malaking Halaga At Naipatayo Ang Kanilang Dream House

Spending has a limit that must be planned to ensure that money is not wasted. As a result, we are encouraged to save so that we will have something to rely on in times of need.

Just like the story of a couple that became viral on social media due to their savings skills.

The couple was identified as Kember Flores Casabuena and Alphie Castante Olvis. Kember is just a housewife and her husband is a construction worker. Alphie earns little from his construction work, but it hasn’t stopped them from saving.

Every paycheck Alphie receives is promptly given to Kember, and Kember is extremely prudent and strategic in her life even when she is a housewife. The couple is sparing their expenses to save up for their dream home. The couple saves Php50 each from their budget every day.

They put their savings in the shoe box, and when it was full, they transferred their savings to a bucket. Little did the couple know that their savings had grown. After they counted everything, Kember shared it on Facebook, and many netizens were blown away by her story.

They have not only saved P50 but also P1,000 and P500. Netizens were impressed and admired them because of how good they are at saving up money. According to Kember, the “Ipon Challenge” in a story aired on ‘Kapuso Mo Jessica So’ inspired her to save. So they utilized the money they saved to build their own home.

This couple is proof that it doesn’t matter how little or how much money you earn to save. If the right savings cover the expenses of each day, there is sure to be a dream come true. Nothing is impossible for someone who is determined in life to bring color to their dreams despite the challenges they go through.

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