Kris Aquino, Sinagot Ang B4sher Na Tumawag Sa Kaniya Na Pangit

Actress-TV host Kris Aquino could not help but respond to a netizen who criticize her and called her ‘ugly’ when she doesn’t have any makeup on her face.

On Facebook, the said netizen boldly commented about Kris’ appearance when she was without wearing cosmetics.

The netizen wrote,

“Pang1t pala c Miss Kris pag walang makeup. Sorry just saying.”

Kris then notices the comment, but instead of att4cking the netizen, she decides not to criticize him.

Kris said,

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I could so easily say a very bitchy comment about your looks right now pero bakit pa? Hindi naman ikagaganda ng buhay ko and hindi rin makakatulong sa lipunan.”

The celebrity even stated that she was relieved to hear that she looks prettier and more lovely when she wears cosmetics.

She added,

“Siguro you need to find your happiness? And thank God di ba, ako gumaganda pag may makeup.”

This isn’t the first time Kris has responded to some of her cr1tics, especially those who were criticizing her two sons, Bimby and Josh.

Kris recently became the subject of social media when she slammed netizens who were criticizing her youngest son’s actions.

A netizen appeared to be criticizing Bimby’s hand gesture in a chat he and his mother had, which was uploaded on the actress’ Instagram page.

Kris stated that she does not wish to physically chastise the said netizen, but rather to call him out for his disrespect for others.

The TV host said,

“I am not going to criticize you physically but I will call you out on your lack of dec3ncy.”

She continued,

“You know I have had enough of this bullsh*t. If that’s the only thing you can criticize about my son then I have really done a f*ck1ng great job as a mom.”

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