Kris Aquino, Inamin Na Sa Publiko Ang Tunay Na Dahilan Ng Kaniyang Biglang Pagpayat

Kris Aquino has given a status update on her health and condition. The celebrity mom released her life update after her tell-all video was posted on social media.

In her online post, Kris admitted that she is still fighting her autoimmune condition which is also the reason for her sudden weight loss and experiencing insomnia. The celebrity mom also revealed the things she experienced and went through during the examination performed on her.

The actress shared,

“I had my tests done 12:30 AM, Thursday, konting lagpas Cinderella time. This was the 1 that required 10 hours of fasting.”

She added,

“I’m willing to share that if we ignore my RBC, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and WBC numbers, and looked only at everything else that would be tested for during a thorough blood exam, and without the aut0immune antibody markers we closely monitor, a healthy person would be very happy with my numbers…

“At this point, my current numbers rule out SLE & rheumatoid arthr1tis. BUT there are antibodies that have significantly increased again, putting added strain sa isang vital part ng katawan natin na minsan na dededma dahil hindi tayo aware kung gaano ito kahalaga.”

The TV host-actress also mentioned that anxiety and stress are factors in her autoimmune illness.

She said,

“I understand, sympathize, and wholeheartedly empathize because many are suffering much worse than I am- that’s why I pray that the vaccine rollout for the Philippines will be smooth & successful…

“SWERTE yung mga eligible because as of now, hindi pa sure kung pwede ako. And as cases continue to surge, sobrang ingat ang kailangan”

The Queen of All Media continued,

“I especially pray for parents like me with kids below 18, kasi wala pang approved vaccine for our kids. Sila ang kinabukasan kaya sila ang dapat ma prioritize.”

Kris, on the other hand, assured her fans that everything is good with her.

“Kung dadalang ang mga post, it doesn’t necessarily mean I am sad, depressed, and sicker- I am only giving myself time to heal until my next set of tests in about 10 to 12 weeks.”

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