Andi Eigenmann At Philmar Alipayo, May Ibinunyag Sa Publiko Tungkol Sa Kanilang Bagong Silang na Anak

Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo finally revealed their baby’s name to the world after a long wait.

In an Instagram post, they showed their fans and followers the picture of their baby boy.

Andi recounted the exact time and day when she gave birth to her incredibly gorgeous baby boy and welcomed him into their ‘Island Life’ in an Instagram post.

Andi wrote int he caption,

“And just like that, my heart has grown even bigger once more.

On the 17th day of January, 2021 at 10:09am,

we welcomed the newest member of our family.

Hello world! Meet our little island boy, Koa.♥️”

Philmar, on the other side, indicated that he was happy and excited for having a son again.

He said,

“Me happy island boy, Koa Eigenmann Alipayo ♥️ I’m over the moon to have you in my life nak!

So happy and excited to welcome you in our family. Also so happy to have another boy in our family to help me love and take care of the girls”

According to fans, “Koa” is a word from Hawaii that means ‘bravery’ or courage.

In the last week of her pregnancy, Andi shared her experiences and what she went through during her third pregnancy.

The actress stated,

“I hope I savored this pregnancy enough! What a truly beautiful experience this was. This journey has taught me to love my body, to appreciate it, and to believe in it so much more. As this journey comes to an end, another one begins. This time around my focus is not on getting my old body back. Just on taking great care of it as a way to show gratitude for carrying and protecting the people that has showed me what I am destined to be- the honor of being their mom.”

In another post, Andi also gave a message for her two children, Ellie and Lilo, before she gave birth to her third child.

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