Professor Mula Sa Samar, Viral Matapos Mag-volunteer Na Alagaan Ang Anak Ng Isa Sa Kaniyang Mga Estudyante

When we enter school, we have second parents: our instructors. Of course, there are times when we can’t separate our personal lives from our academic lives, so we are forced to keep them apart.

But instead of crying because of the hardship, a student in Samar cried because of so much joy when he witnessed how kind his professor’s heart when he volunteered to be her child’s babysitter.

Not all of our goals in life are simply follows since there are times when our paths split and, despite having obligations as a parent, some individuals opt to continue their education in order to have a better future. Although it is difficult to attend school with her baby, a Samar State University student is determined to balance her obligations. But she did not expect their professor, Andres Sequito, to volunteer to care for her baby so that she may focus on what she’s doing.

In a video taken by a classmate of the child’s mother, Ezza Fatima Leonor Permaci, which she uploaded to TikTok and Facebook recently, Professor Sequito can be seen carrying and caring for his student’s baby. The said event warmed the hearts of the online community ad expressed their positive comments from the said video.

Here are some of them:

“kudos to all teachers who extend their service beyond their job!”

“The True Image of a Good Teacher. God bless sayo Sir”

“wow… one of a kind, very good sir!!!”

“a very good example of a really great teacher. salute to you sir.”

Although taking care of his student’s children is not covered in his job as a teacher, Professor Sequito chose to live out their teachers’ personas as second parents. As a result, he was much respected by many, and regarded to be a good and exceptional professor.

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