Lalaking Kalookalike Umano Ni Rico Yan, Pinagkakaguluhan Ngayon Ng Mga Netizens

We have different levels of affection for the celebrities we admire, but in the world of showbiz, nothing truly lasts forever due to the constant passage of time. Many artists are rising in popularity, and some discovered because of their great potential in acting, but it seems that the impact brought by one Rico Yan is unique because his legacy is still very much alive in the industry.

Who doesn’t know former actor Rico Yan? In his generation, almost his name is what most people say, whether male or female, elderly or young. Rico is indeed one of the most famous matinee idols of his era because of his good looks, charm, and excellence in the field of acting.

He was features in all prominent television programs and movies that aired on television and cinema in the 1990s after entering the showbiz industry. Despite his brilliant career as an actor, he d1ed at the age of 27.

Although it has been more than two decades since Rico Yan p@ss3d aw4y, many people still recognize him and his legacy imprinted in the majority’s mind. His memory was only rekindle even more when one of his fans discovered the renowned actor’s nephew who looks exactly like Rico.

Due to the resemblance of Alfonso “Alfy” Yan-Tuares to his late uncle who is the brother of his mother, Geraldine, most fans were saying that this might be a reincarnation situation because fans really couldn’t avoid seeing Rico Yan to the young man.

Because of Alfy’s uncanny resemblance to his late uncle, many netizens now call him Rico’s “Mine-Me” or “Little Rico Yan” because of the eyes, face shape, nose, mouth, and Alfy’s smile are all very similar to the late actor.

Rico is a superstar in the entertainment world, and many people still miss him after several decades. Now that netizens have discovered his nephew and lookalike, Alfy, many are hoping that he will enter showbusiness as well because he will surely be successful like his uncle, Rico Yan.

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