Aiko Melendez, Emosyonal Sa Ginawa Ng Anak Niya Na Si Andre Yllana Nang Makuha Nito Ang Unang Sahod

Aiko Melendez is a super proud mom of her firstborn, Andre Yllana. It is not known to many that Aiko raised and cared for her two children, Andre Yllana and Marthena Jickain, on her own.

Apart from her reputation as a well-known actress in the entertainment industry, Aiko is also appreciated for being a good mother to her two children.

Aiko still manages to raise her children well on her own. Now 23 years old, Andre remains obedient and “generous” to his mommy Aiko.

In her pleasure and gratitude for her eldest son’s compassion, Aiko shared a story about what her son did after receiving his first paycheck at work, which touched the hearts of the netizens.

Aiko wrote in an Instagram post, along with pictures of her handsome son,

“Share ko lang … Nung una sumeweldo si Andre @andreyllana alam nyo ba ano una nya ginawa?”

She continued,

“He treated the whole family for dinner tapos binilhan nya lola nya Elsie Castaneda ng apple watch sabi nya mama ano gusto mo?”

According to Aiko, she advised Andre to save his first salary and buy them gifts when he already saved up money.

Aiko told her son,

“Sabi ko anak tago mo muna mag ipon ka. Kapag naka ipon ka na dun mo na ako uli bilhanm ng sa tingi mo pwede mo iregalo sa akin.”

Aside from his mother, Andre also asked her what would be a good gift for his sister Marthena and even promised the actress’s boyfriend, Vice Governor Jay Khongkun, that he would treat him when the pandemic is over.

Aiko couldn’t help but be moved by Andre’s generosity and constant consideration for his family. Of course, as a mother, you can be touched by your child’s kindness

Aiko wrote in her post,

“Naluha ako slight kasi di ko akalain lahat kami nasa isip nya. Di man million pa kinikita ng anak ko pero likas sa kanya ang pagka generous kaya alam ko Andre iblessed ka ni Lord kasi di ka madamot…”

Andre’s kind heart is amazing, especially his mommy Aiko because she raised her son well.

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