Kilalanin Ang Napakagandang Panganay Na Anak Ni Ogie Diaz Na Gumagawa Ngayon Ng Ingay Sa Social Media

Gender is not a factor as a parent. What matters is that you provide for and meet your child’s needs, as well as fulfill your responsibility as a parent.

Just like comedian and actor Roger Diaz-Pandaan or better known as Ogie Diaz.

Talent manager and columnist Ogie are open about his gender, but he is also proud to be a father to his children. The well-known comedian is a loving and devoted father to his four daughters and his wife Georgette.

He may not be a typical father in the eyes of judgmental people, but Ogie proved that being LGBT didn’t stop him from being the greatest dad ever.

Ogie already has a daughter and is making a name for herself on social media. The comedian claims that his eldest child is now very reliable at their home. Her father characterized her as a loving and responsible daughter and sister.

Ogie recently celebrated a big and beautiful debut party for his daughter, Erin. Because of this, Ogie has earned praise on social media for giving his daughter a grand debut that is just like celebrities. According to Erin’s social media account, this youngster is quite popular and enjoys posing in front of the camera.

There’s no doubt that the actor’s daughter can pass for a celebrity if she wants to. In fact, she already appeared on television, when she and her father, Ogie, were guests on the Kapamilya morning show “Magandang Buhay” last October.

Erin got praise from netizens because apart from her natural beauty, the young lady is also regarded as a kind and polite youngster.

Being a good parent is measured not by how you are perceived as a father, but by how you raise your children with all of your imperfections and flaws. Whatever gender or status in life you have, the most important is how you provide and give what your children or family needs.

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