Coleen Garcia, Sinurpresa Ang Asawang Si Billy Crawford Nang Magguest Sa Reality TV show Na Dancing With Stars

Coleen Garcia danced with her husband Billy Crawford and his dance partner Fauve during their performance on Dance Avec les stars. It is the French version of a Dancing with the Stars competition.

Some of what happened during the event can be seen in a post by a fan page, which republished a video of the couple’s performance at the competition with Billy’s dancing partner, Fauve.

At the beginning of the video, Coleen is introduced to the audience. Coleen walks in wearing a mask and her dancing attire. This is followed by a brief video interview in which the actress can be seen delighted and proud of her husband Billy’s accomplishments. The actress’ performance preparation was also showcased.

Billy and Fauve began swaying and dancing to Calvin Harris’s song “Stay With Me.” Coleen came out and danced towards the end of the two’s performance.

Billy was surprised and thrilled when he saw that his wife Coleen was their surprise guest. The actor-TV host then hugged Coleen and kissed her after their performance.

The celebrity doctor Dra. Vicky Belo and her husband Hayden Kho Jr. went to the event and watch their performance live. In Hayden Kho’s post on his Instagram, he shared how proud he is of the skill that Billy showed in the competition.

Hayden Kho wrote,

“We’re very proud of [Billy Crawford] who’s making a huge impact on French television. He’s so admired, respected, and celebrated here it’s unbelievable.”

He added,

“We watched his dance last night, where Coleen gave a surprise performance, and we’re thrilled that he’s the superstar of the show. Equally amazing is his partner Fauve Hautot. Godspeed, Billy!”

Billy announced his participation in the competition in July. He admitted that he was nervous about participating in such a competition.

Billy and Fauve received a standing ovation in the inaugural episode for their skill, and they continue to dominate the competition to this day.

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