Solenn Heussaff At Nico Bolzico, Ipinasilip Ang Update Sa Bahay Na Ipinapatayo Nila Sa Alabang

It’s not just loving or care that parents need to give to their children because they are also responsible for giving them a proper and comfortable home, so the couple Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico really ensured that not only a good life they can give to their children but also a pleasant house.

Despite the fact that we frequently see Solenn and Nico joking and exchanging pranks with each other, they are also devoted and responsible parents to their daughter, baby Thylane, or “Tili,” as they call her. Now that their family is growing with the arrival of their second baby girl, the couple is becoming more practical and mature.

Last May, Solenn and Nico revealed that they were constructing a home in Alabang for their family. Although having a second child was not in their plans at the time, the couple’s number one priority is to have a house with a bigger space and garden.

Solenn said during the groundbreaking ceremony of their house,

“I think it’s when you settle down and when you start having a child, you start thinking about bigger area, and an area where you won’t really need to go out often so obviously right now, we live in a house but we don’t have a garden so we really wanted to have our own place.”

With the help of Mundo Design+Build, the couple realized their “dream house” which is said to be perfect for them. Now that their family is growing, the couple really needs a wider space for their children, especially for sure their second baby will also inherit baby Tili’s nastiness.

During the couple’s visit to the site recently, the actress shared in her IG stories an update on the house under construction, showing that the walls are presently being cemented.

Although it will take some time to complete, it can be seen in Solenn’s post that the second level has been built, as well as their future balcony.

Perhaps it will take months or years, but baby Tili and her future sibling will surely grow up in their home.

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