Anak Ni Anne Curtis Na Si Dahlia, Napakacute Sa Pag-awit Ng Paboritong Kanta Na Let It Go

Dahlia, the daughter of Anne Curtis and Erwan Huesaff, looked adorable when she sang the iconic Disney song “Let it go” while dressed as Elsa. “Let it Go” is one of the songs featured on the primary soundtrack of the hit Disney show Frozen.

She can be seen cheerfully exploring their house while dressed as Elsa and roaming around their house without wearing any slippers. Dahlia’s hair was also done by hairstylist Raymond Santiago, based on the Instagram story shared by Anne.

Anne wrote in the video,

“We are definitely in a princess stage. [Raymond Santiago] got her this dress.”

The short video also shows Anne asking Dahila to sing the song “Let it go”.

Anne pushed her daughter to sing,

“Hi Elsa, can you sing for me?’

Dahlia quickly responded by singing Let it Go with all her heart.

Even though the video is no longer available, it continues to circulate quickly on social media due to the positive energy it creates. The fan page dahliaamelieee was among those who uploaded the said video.

In the re-post, many netizens were happy and left positive comments. Here are some of them:

“Such a beatiful girl. Full of love and life.”

“wow pretty little princess “ELSA” you are so cute Dahlia.”

“The most beautiful Elsa.”

“Amazing bebe dahlee.. What a pretty little girl you have mama anne”

Anne and Erwan married in Queenstown, New Zealand, in 2017.

Dahlia, their adorable daughter, was born in March 2020. Their family stayed in Australia because of the p4nd3mic.

The couple has been extremely proud of their daughter Dahlia’s accomplishments since the beginning. Dahlia knows three languages, Ilokano, French, and English. She is also not picky when it comes to food.

Anne recently revealed that Dahlia eats chicken feet. She started school for the first time this August.

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