Sunshine Cruz, Laking Pasalamat Sa Pagkakaroon Nina Diego Loyzaga At Ang Mga Step Sisters Ng Magandang Samahan

Sunshine Cruz, a veteran actress, is thankful and happy for her children’s positive relationship with their stepbrother.

Sunshine has three children with her ex-husband, Cesar Montano: Angelina, Sam, and Chesca. The girls were pretty close to their brother, Diego Loyzaga.

It is not a secret that Diego is the eldest child of the former action star, Cesar to his former partner Teresa Loyzaga. And, despite the fact that Cesar and his children to Sunshine don’t communicate much, Diego’s closeness to his stepsisters remains.

Diego spends his free time visiting his siblings. Sunshine expresses how thankful she is to Diego for being a loving and responsible elder brother. According to Sunshine, Diego always asked his siblings how their days were when he visited them at their home in Paranaque City.

Sunshine recently uploaded a photo of the siblings, in which they are seen enjoying the birthday of their beloved dog. Sunshine then thanked Diego in the caption of her post for paying another visit to them.

Sunshine had stated in an interview that Diego comes to their house almost every day. However, she said that they do not always upload a picture since she respects their need to keep their bonding time private.

The actress also added that she was delighted since she sees how Diego genuinely cares about and loves her children. She is also happy to have Diego as their brother, who is always there to advise and defend them. She also sees how responsible the actor is being the elder among his siblings.

Sunshine shared,

“He visits my kids. May time na almost every day, nandoon siya sa house with my children. But of course, I respect their privacy. Ayaw nilang ilabas yung photos, yung bonding ng mga kids. Natuwa nga ako, meron siyang kasama, si Tong. Napakabait na bata. Mahal na mahal ng mga anak ko si Diego.”

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