Ganito Pala Tratuhin Nina Robin Padilla At Mariel Rodriguez Ang Kanilang Mga Kasambahay

These past years, months, and days, we often hear reports about household helpers who experience mistreatment by their employers. Some of them are still treated as slaves, while others have never experienced a day off. While others are forbidden by their employers from eating food similar to theirs.

But, on the contrary, celebrity couple Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez treated their house helpers with respect.

The couple often receives praise from the public for how they treat their house helpers.

In the video shared by YouTube user ‘Kwentong Barbero’, it can be seen that the Padilla family seems to have had a celebration for the birth month of their youngest child, where it can be seen that their house helpers are also part of the said celebration.

They prepare a parlor game for the house helpers and Robin can also be heard saying that she will give away a P2,000 prize to the winners. In the said game, the house helpers have to get a piece of apple in a basin full of water.

Robin decided to increase the reward to P3,000 when their seven house helpers joined the game.

Even the other members of the family can be seen happily hanging out with the maids as if they are really part of the family. It can also be seen that they are talking, laughing, and even making fun.

Meanwhile, many netizens praised and admired the couple for how they treated their house helpers.

Mariel and Robin’s goodness to their house helpers are really amazing. They know the hard work and sacrifices they make for their family, which is why the celebrity couple reciprocates it with their love and appreciation. They also know how hard their job is as house helpers which is why they are trying to lighten up their day and give them what they truly deserve.

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