KC Concepcion, Nagluluksa Ngayon Dahil Sa Pagpanaw Ng Isa Sa Kaniyang Mahal Sa Buhay

KC Concepcion, an actress-singer, is mourning the death of her former nanny, Nanay Lina.

On January 3, KC recounted the happy days she shared with Nanay Lina when she was younger, and how much she cared for and supported her as she grew up.

Through her Instagram account, KC gave a tribute to her Nanay Lina, with an attached throwback photo of them.

KC emotionally said,

“No words can express how I cherish you and how loved you made me feel.”

She said that Nanay Lina became one of her inspirations as she took care of her like a real child especially when they bonded together in their bedroom when she was still young.

The actress added,

“Just my presence, just me being with you in the same room, made you so happy, and how that would inspire me. Thank you for the unconditional love, your fierce loyalty and unshakeable faithfulness Nanay.”

She continued,

“I prayed as a child that God would give you a long, full life. He granted that wish. I did my best for you my Nanay Lina, even if I needed to leave the nest and grow my wings to fly. Now you’re the one with wings flying around heaven for sure Mag champagne ka na jan nanay masarap champagne jan for sure

“I love you so much and I’m eternally grateful to you for taking care of me until the end. I’ll love you and cherish you and your smile, your eyes that would light up, your handwritten letters year after year, with all my heart. My childhood nanny. My loyalist and now my guardian angel… Kap khun kah…”

In her reply to her father in the comments section of her post, KC revealed more details about the death of her 91-year-old childhood nanny.

She said,

“Papa She didn’t wake up na. I spoke to her a couple weeks ago pa. She was so happy”

The 36-year-old businesswoman and vlogger also revealed other details about her nanny’s colorful life in response to one of her followers.

KC added,

“She worked for the Thai embassy and was taught to speak Thai. She also taught me many Thai words and greetings and my family and I flew her to Bangkok once before.”

It can be recalled, in 2018, KC showed her love and appreciation for her nanny by gifting her a home that she can call her own.

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