Coleen Garcia, Ipinasilip Ang Cute Na Pagtulog Ng Anak Na Si Amari Habang Hawak Ang Isang Basketball

Babies usually have teddy bears, toys, or maybe a rattle when they’re in bed and go to sleep, but Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford’s baby boy, Amari, seem to be different because he sleeps with only a real basketball next to him.

Coleen and Billy’s son, Amari, has been the center of attention since the couple officially introduced him to the public. Netizens have been following him because of the looks he got from his Mommy and Daddy, especially with his naughtiness. Just like Coleen’s most recent Instagram post, where she shared a picture of her and her child while he is in bed.

This is the first time that the celebrity mom told her fans and followers on Instagram that she and baby Amari have a ‘best time routine’ and it is choosing something that her son will put aside for sleep.

Coleen wrote,

“Raw reality. We have a bedtime routine that includes saying good night to everything in the house, during which Amari gets to pick a comfort item to bring to bed with him. He nurses to sleep while holding them.”

If he used to sleep with stones and toy balls, baby Amari appears to have been upgraded because he brought a real basketball to bed!

The actress shared,

“It used to be rocks and small balls, one on each hand, but tonight we have graduated to full-sized basketball. Oh, the things I do for this child.”

Because of this, his father, Billy, went home just to witness baby Amari’s adorable moment. And it appears that he was not the only one who was delighted, as their fellow celebrities commented as well.

Isabelle Daza wrote, “Hahahaha soo cute.”

Cristine, the wife of Julius Babao, commented, “You rock Coleen! ❤️👏🏻👏🏻 kyut ni Amari ang laki ng bola kayang kaya nya #breastfeedingmom 💜

Katarina Rodriguez said, “So so cute!”

It’s still too early to tell, but it looks like baby Amari has the potential to become a basketball player.

Aside from this adorable moment of baby Amari, many were also impressed by Coleen’s Momshie duties, which she seemed to enjoy. Aside from acting and hosting, the one and only Coleen Garcia is also an amazing Mommy

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