Doktorang Anak Ni Jose Manalo, May Nakakaiyak Na Mensahe Na Ibinigay Sa Kaniyang Ama

Jose Manalo is known as one of the most talented and seasoned TV hosts and comedians in the Philippine showbiz industry. With his hilarious antics, it’s no wonder why so many people love and support him.

His sense of humor also helped him achieve the things and life he has today.

But, apart from being a comedian, he is also a good and loving father to his children. Most of us are probably unaware that Jose had five children with his first wife. Two of them are ABS-CBN Network stars, while the other three are on a different path.

One of his daughters graduated from the Medicine course. Dr. Myki Manalo is now a licensed physician.

She works as a resident surgeon in a Manila hospital. However, her path was not easy even before she achieved her goals.

In the celebration of Father’s Day, Dr. Myki shared a tearful but touching message for his father who he misses so much.

Dr. Myki wrote in her Instagram post,

“I remember this one time back in college when I had personal problems and I was being particularly difficult. I didn’t attend all my classes one day, even missed an exam, and you caught me. Surprisingly, you didn’t get mad. You were unusually calm. You picked me up from where I was, brought me to an ice cream place near DLSU, and just remained quiet. Eventually, I cried so hard. I couldn’t stop. You just hugged me. We stayed like that for a long while. No words were needed. You understood me. You always stood by my side. Your mere presence was enough to get me through. I yearn for it daily. I miss you, daddy. Please keep yourself healthy and happy. Happy father’s day!”

The said post of Dr. Myki drew different reactions from netizens online. Some were touched and admired Jose for being a kind and loving father to his children.

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