Buboy Villar, Bumuhos Ang Luha Matapos Kunin Ng Kaniyang Asawa Ang Kanilang Anak

Kapuso actor Buboy Villar was deeply saddened by the departure of his eldest child to America. As a father, it is not easy for Buboy to be separated from his children. That’s why he couldn’t stop being emotional because his firstborn was far away from him.

After Buboy and Angillyn Gorens separated, their children stayed with him. Buboy said in his most recent vlog that his content was not a typical one and that it was not an ordinary day for him.

Buboy thanked God for the chances that have come his way and for the blessings he continuously received at the start of his video. He is happy that he has many jobs and that he can provide for his family’s needs. According to Buboy, his vlog was special and also that day for him.

Buboy’s tears began to flow as he and his child were bonding together when he was telling his child that he was going to America and they will temporarily be far from each other.

Buboy stated that he did not want to cry in front of his lovely daughter. He stated that being apart from his children was really tough for him as a father. But he claimed he understood since he was going to another nation for her future and to be with their mother, Angillyn.

Buboy then thanked Angillyn’s parents and siblings for taking care of his children.

Many netizens also shed tears in this video of Buboy. They said they feel sadness for the actor because his daughter will be away from him for a long time.

However, despite the sadness that Buboy feels, he is still happy because the future of his children depends on going to another country. He also promised to his children that he will be visiting them from time to time.

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