Sunshine Cruz, Nagsalita Na Tungkol Sa Kumakalat Na Balitang Bunt1s Diumano Ang Kaniyang Anak Na Si Sam

Sunshine Cruz is well-known in the entertainment industry not only for her natural beauty but also for being one of the best actresses in the country. Her beauty has been admired ever since, and her face remains young looking.

Like Sunshine, her children have begun careers in show business, and one of them is her daughter Sam Cruz Montano, who rose to prominence because of the beauty she inherited from her father and mother.

But lately, there have been rumors spreading about Sam. They frequently disregard it, although Sunshine responds a few times to clarify the news. Sunshine strongly denied reports that her daughter Sam is pregnant.

Some netizens’ speculations concerning Sunshine and Cesar Montano’s daughter, Sam, have not faded away. Till now, they have insisted that she is pregnant. It is because of her photos circulating on social media, in which the bulge of her stomach is visible.

Some believe the pregnancy bump is noticeable and not simply a bloated tummy. Sunshine first denied the report, claiming it was fake. The actress further threatened that netizens should pick someone else to criticize instead of her daughter, especially since she is still a minor.

However, some online users appear unaffected as Sam’s body was mentioned again in Sunshine’s recent post. In the said post, Sam is wearing a green dress, and because of clothing she is wearing and one can assume that she is pregnant.

Some netizens asked in the comments section if Sam was truly pregnant. Sunshine responded by saying they should cease since the news is false. The actress also shared a screenshot of the comments on her Instagram story.

The actress wrote on her IG story,

“Minamadali niyo naman ako maging lola. I hope this answers question. I deleted some comments dahil dumarami na sila. Eto ang isa sa nagiging rason kung bakit maraming tao o kabataan ang sobra kung mag-edit ng kanilang mga katawan o mukha sa social media. Let’s be more senstive towards other people.”

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