Ito Pala Ang Tunay Totoong Lagay Ng Asawa Ni Andrew Schimmer Na Si Reiena Rovero

October 10, 2022, is a perfect date for Andrew Schimmer’s family because after almost a year’s stay in the hospital, his wife, Jorhomy Reiena Rovero, will be able to go home.

Andrew stated in a video in August that they were waiting for approval from his wife’s pulmonologist so they could take her home, and they finally gets it after two months.

In a Facebook post, Andrew stated they are excited because they will be together again under the same roof with their beloved Jho.

“Today is the day, mga kapatid. Lalabas na ng hospital ang aking asawa kaya full force ulit kami dito sa hospital.

“Kasi first time niya ulit… after almost a year, first time niyang masisilayan ang labas ng hospital kaya we’re all very excited.”

Andrew and his two children had been anticipating the day when they would be able to be with Jho in their house, which is why their expressions were filled with happiness when they learned that they were going to leave the hospital.

Jho was taken to St. Luke’s BGC due to cardiac arr3st and hyp0xemia. When Andrew recounted his story, he stated that his wife had asthma. Jho is used to having asthma every day, according to the actor, and all of her inhalers, nebulizers, and medications are ready. He went on to say that it began on November 1.

“Nagstart ito nung November 1, 2021. Nagstart siya as severe asthma att4ck lang, from severe asthma attack nag-cardiac arr3st siya. That time around 3:30 A.M., ginising niya ko grabe yung hika niya. This time, nahirapan daw siya huminga. Parang nachu-choke this time.”

He wanted to take her to the hospital, but Jho insisted on only buying a specific medicine since she was afraid they may catch the C0v1d-19 virus in the hospital.

He said,

“Pinabili ako ng gamot, pag-akyat ko iba na itsura niya, iba na yung hinga, nag-iba yung pulse. Nung nasa sakyan nag-arrest na siya.”

Jho underwent CPR when they arrived at the hospital and only responded on the third attempt.

Andrew explained,

“Pinaliwanag sakin maigi, Sir, wag ka mawalan ng pag-asa, hindi siya brain d3ad. Nag-restart yung brain niya kaya comatose stage siya ngayon.”

After suffering from a severe asthma att4ck followed by cardiac arr3st, Jho was diagnosed with cerebral hypoxia.

Hypoxia is a life-threatening condition caused by low amounts of oxygen in the body’s tissues. To function properly the brain requires a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients. This condition affects the largest part of the brain called the cerebral hemisphere. In cerebral hypoxia, it can cause smoke inhalation, carbon monoxide p0isoning, choking, dis3ases that prevent the movement of respiratory muscles, high altitudes, pressure on the trachea, and even suffocation.

In other cases, the supply of oxygen and nutrients can stop causing cardiac arrest, cardiac arrhythmia, str0ke, and low blood pressure. Brain hypoxia has two types, which are mild and severe. Mild cases have symptoms such as changed or lack of attention, poor judgment, and uncoordinated movement. Severe cerebral hypoxia symptoms include total unconsciousness or coma, inability to breathe, and unresponsiveness of the eye’s pupils to light.

Cerebral hypoxia is a medical emergency that must treat right away. The sooner the brain’s oxygen supply is restored, the lower the chance of significant brain injury and d3ath. Sometimes, a person with cerebral hypoxia is cooled to slow down the activity of brain cells and reduce their need for oxygen. However, the efficacy of this medication has yet to be shown.

The hospital had to do a lot of treatment to save Jho’s life. But when she woke up and responded to her family’s sounds and voices, Andrew had hoped that the Lord had heard his prayer. It is because he wishes his wife’s health improves as they have two more children who rely on her.

As a result, when they received the go signal to bring her home, they prepared her well and placed her in a room on the first floor of their home. Her room is likewise filled with hospital equipment as she still needs the attention of a professional.

Jho has been a patient at St. Lukes’s for a long time, and their hospital bills have totaled several million pesos. As a result, the former Mr. Pogi finalist and actor seek help from the public since they can’t able to pay her wife’s medical fees.

His post on social media about his wife’s illness drew positive responses, and people offered assistance to his family.

But a week after Jho returned home, Andrew had to take her back to the hospital. According to the former actor, she had to be readmitted to the intensive care unit for a few days to normalize her heart rate.

Andrew said,

“Just after a week, she’s back in the hospital again. Need po sha ipasok ulit sa ICU for few days, until mag stable po ulit sha.

“Please, plsss pray for Her, she needs it. Please God give Her the strenght to push trough, Kaylangan po sha ng puso ko panginoon ko.”

Andrew made it a point to document his wife’s journey from when she was critical until she was okay and gradually recovered from the coma. Andrew showed it in public to serve as an encouragement to those suffering from the same condition, particularly those who care for and monitor individuals suffering from hypoxia.

Andrew stated,

“Kaya naman po ako’y patuloy na nakikiusap, naway patuloy ninyo po siyang isama sa inyong mga panalangin, nang muli pong manumbalik ang kanyang lakas para sa kanyang mga mahal sa buhay lalo na para sa aming dalawa pong anak, at maging instrumento at biyaya din po ang kaniyang naging karanasan para sa iba pa nating mga kapatid na maaring dumaan sa ganito pong sitwasyon at pagkakataon.”

Financial help also continues to come to Andrew’s family, and one of those who sent help is actor Coco Martin. But Andrew made it clear that the action star did not pay his hospital expenses.

In a video interview, he calmly explained that he clarified as he was receiving nasty messages from people who thought he was still asking for help even though Coco had already given a large amount. He was saddened because, despite his pleas and asking for aid from individuals he didn’t know, some had negative thoughts about him.

Another thing that made him feel horrible was when he received advice from individuals close to him that he should let her wife go due to the steady growth in the hospital cost.

As a result, his interview allowed him to share his frustrations and positivity while his wife battles for her life.

“Lumalaban sya..kahit hirap na hirap ang buong sistema ng katawan ‘nya, ‘yung heartbeat nandoon at malakas ‘yung puso niya.”

When asked why he didn’t appear to lose hope that his wife’s illness might improve one day, he recalled his deep love and connection with Jho.

“Naging bestfriend ko siya kaya masakit kapag nakikita ko siyang ganon. Kaya ang nararamdaman ko unfair na okay siya, sya ganon. Kaya minsan kahit hindi kaya, tinatawid ko.”

Andrew is still fighting for his wife’s recovery. The actor expressed his thanks to everyone who extended their help to his wife and offered pieces of advice to every couple going through tough times in their relationship.

Andrew also sincerely thanked the hospital management because they understood the condition of the patient and his family. According to the actor, the hospital did not force them to immediately pay the expenses for Jho’s medical treatment in full. The hospital management agreed to pay their bill in installments.

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