Agot Isidro, Matapang Na Pinalagan Ang Kaniyang Mga Basher, “Sana ‘di kayo tumanda”

Agot Isidro bravely responded to the insults and criticisms she received from some netizens, telling a media outlet that she was allegedly used to get “engagement” on social media.

As we all know, Agot is one of the personalities who kept receiving criticism and hate from the online community because of her political and social views.

And she recently received insults and negative comments again because of the post allegedly made by TV5 Manila.

As a result, Agot drew the media outlet’s attention and advised them not to use her solely to increase social media engagement.

Agot wrote in her tweet,

“To tv5manila, would appreciate if you do not make me a target for your socmed ‘engagement’. Thank you!”

The 55-year-old actress also did not forget those who insulted her physical appearance.

Agot said,

“To my bashers. 1. Sana di kayo tumanda. 2. Sana mas maayos ang ichura nyo dito pag 55 na kayo. 34, Ang pagbabatikos ko ay para sa inyong kapakanan.”

Perhaps TV5 Manila saw Agot’s tweet because the Instagram page’s post has now been deleted.

The singer-actress responded with another tweet, thanking the media outlet for their immediate actions regarding the issue.

Though some netizens still criticize Agot for being so vocal in regard to her political view, there are still many who showed their support for Agot and praised her appearance, with some saying that despite her age, she still looks beautiful and youthful.

Here are some comments from the netizens:

“Maganda pa rin para sa isang 55 yrs old at matapang na nakikibaka para sa bayan. Para sa akin you are beautiful inside & out. Magaling na actress.”

“I saw you in person about two or three years ago, singing with Joanna Ampil in BGC. You look and sound amazing!”

“The ever gorgeous Ms. Agot and defender of millions of Filipinos. Salute to you Ms. Gorgeous!”

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