Ito Na Pala Ang Buhay Ngayon Ng Dating Aktres Na Si Cristina Gonzales

If you grew up in the 1990s, you probably remember the calendar that featured pictures of beautiful women. They are well-known celebrities in the entertainment industry, and some citizens even collect all of these calendars.

Meanwhile, Cristina Gonzales is well known for being a calendar girl. She was one of the first to popularize beautiful pictures in calendars, and because of her beauty and perfect complexion it is no wonder that many admire her.

She started out as a calendar girl for the famous drink “White Castle,” and it was also the time she discovered to be an actress. At first, Cristina was only doing small roles, but as time went, she gained the courage to take on daring roles.

As a result, her projects grew in number, and only a few of them were Matinik na Kalaban and Grepor Butch Belga Story in 1995, followed by Bagamundo in 1996.

She showcased how talented she is to acting, which she inherited from her father, Jose Mari Gonzales, who is also a matinée idol.

But despite her popularity, Cristina decided to leave the world of showbiz and start a new life with her husband, Alfred Romualdez, the nephew of Imee Marcos.

As a result, she entered politics and served the town of Tacloban as a councilor in 2007. Her leadership was excellent, and the people re-elected her as Mayor from 2016 to 2019.

Cristina’s new life is really far away now from when she was starting out as an actress. Despite this, her beauty, which is still admired by many, has not faded with the passage of time.

Though she no longer in the limelight, she still continue to give her followers an update to her life now as a wife and a mother to her children through her social media accounts.

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