Dating Childstar Na Si Mutya Orquia, Isa Na Ngayong Ganap Na Napakagandang Dalaga

Goin’ Bulilit is one of the most entertaining shows on the Kapamilya network. It features young actors and actresses who provide entertainment and happiness to the show, which appeals to both young and old viewers.

The former cast of the program is gradually becoming teenagers and young adults because of the duration of this show. To this day, some people still keep track of the former Goin’ Bulilit artists who rose to prominence from the said show.

Mutya Orquia of ‘Goin Bulilit’ is still rising in popularity, known by her real name as Ruelleen Angel Olano. In 2011, she starred as a mermaid in Mutya, a Kapamilya fantasy series.

She was also cast in the show Be Careful With My Heart as Abigail, Papa Chen’s daughter from 2012 to 2014. She acted as Jade Dim in the TV series Binondo Girl with actress Kim Chui.

Mutya, the once famously adorable young girl, is now a teen. Now that Mutya is a teenager, a massive change that has happened in her physical appearance is noticeable.

Mutya has accomplished a lot in her young existence. As time passes, the young lady grows more beautiful and shows that she is not only talented in the field of acting.

Mutya’s talent was shaped by the work she entered, as were the artists with whom she collaborated during her Goin’ Bulilit days. Mutya’s talent may have developed, particularly in the acting industry.

However, the path of an artist’s career is always determined by time and circumstance, so we cannot predict when their popularity will lasts or when will it continue to prosper.

Just like Mutya that have lots of fans and followers, even when she was still young. So, let’s just wait for the next chapters and fate of Mutya’s life in the world of entertainment.

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