Isang Sikat Na Aktres, Ginulat Ang Marami Sa Pagpanaw Nito Sa Edad Na 37

Everyone was astonished by the sudden d3ath of this well-known actress.

Since the beginning of the pand3mic, it seems natural that someone suddenly says goodbye because of the speed of life now brought by the infecti0us dis3ase C0VID-19.

But some pass away not because of their dis3ase but because of a dark tragedy. Just like the well-known Thai actress Nida Patcharaveerapong, also known as Tangmo.

Tangmo is suspected to fall off her speedboat on February 14. Rescuers discovered her body in Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River two days after she went missing.

According to the aut0psy of the Thai actress, the cause of her death was drowning. They reportedly boarded the speedboat with her manager, three friends, and the speedboat owner before the tragedy happened.

It said that she was not wearing a life jacket when she fell from the speedboat.

Meanwhile, an emotional farewell to Nida happened in a Bangkok church on Friday. But even as the ceremony went ahead for the actress police continues with their investigations. They are examining new evidence that might counter their initial conclusion that her death was accidental.

Tangmo is a well-known film actress in Thailand. Nida Patcharaveerapong is 37 years old. Some of her projects are ‘The Fallen Leaf’, ‘Ghost of Mae Nak’, ‘Pard 88’, and ‘Bangkok Love Stories: Innocence’.

Aside from her beauty, Tangmo is also a great actress. She prove this in her movies and series. That’s why it’s no wonder why many admire Tangmo, not only in Thailand but also in different parts of the world.

That’s why people were shocked to learn of his d3ath. Many also expressed their condolences to the bereaved family of the actress.

She is one of the most popular Asian actresses that d1ed this year, including Korean stars Kim Mi Soo and Song Yoo Jung.

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