Silipin Kung Gaano Kaganda At Kalaki Ang Heritage House Ni Fernando Poe Jr.

We’ve seen most of the beautiful houses of our idols in the show business industry.

But what exactly does the home of a legend, the one and only ‘Da King’ of Filipino cinema look alike? Ronald Allan Kelley Poe, also known as Fernando Poe Jr., is the one and only “King of Philippine Movies” (FPJ).

He rose to prominence at the age of 14, and everything that happened after that became the history of his popularity and career.

He also married one of his leading ladies, Susa Roces, dubbed the “Queen of Philippine Films.”

They both lived in the US with their adopted daughter, Grace Poe. This is almost where Grace Poe spent her youth. FPJ admitted that he had two children in his youth, Ronian and Lovi Poe.

FPJ decided to enter politics after they returned to the Philippines. The one and only ‘Da King’ d1ed in December 2004. One of the most heartbreaking news the Filipino people have ever heard.

FPJ and Susan Roces have a beautiful home in Quezon. They left it to their daughter Grace Poe, who now lives there with her family.

The said house is a combination of modern and traditional design. It has three floors with white walls and an interior with a traditional design that reflects Filipino culture.

Most of the items in the house are antiques, and others have sentimental value for the family. The painting ‘Sarimatok’ by Abdulmari Imao, a national artist, is also displayed here.

The kitchen and dining area have a traditional design, where they come together when there is an occasion. The painting of her parents can be seen in the house as well. There is also a swimming pool where her children often hangs out.

Grace also likes to paint and some of her works can be seen inside their home. Even though Grace owns the said house, many possessions and memories of her parents can be seen here. According to Grace, she wants them to stay so that she can feel the presence of her parents.

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