Kilalanin Ang Napakagandang Kapatid Ni AJ Raval Na Si Janina

If you have the looks and are discovered, you will almost definitely have a place in the entertainment industry, for as long as you know which role you are best suited for. Whether it is a comedy, action, horror, thriller, or romance, as long as you know what role you can play best, you will have somewhere to go.

Furthermore, with good looks and charm, there would undoubtedly be love teams for every film or series you would create. However, we cannot expect a happy ending, but this is good for establishing your image in the industry and gaining more supporters.

But this time, let us concentrate on Jeric Raval, a seasoned actor in the Philippine entertainment industry. His daughters are recently notice on the social media, and some of his stories have surfaced.

He mentioned in one of his interviews that he has eight children. He already had five children before entering show business, and he later had a family with former actress Monica Herrera, with whom he had three children.

Janina is one of them; she has expressed a desire to be like her parents. Because of her beauty and charm, there was no doubt that she was her parents’ daughter. Aside from her good looks, she is also a performer; she knows how to play musical instruments and, like her mother, Monica, she can sing as well.

Janina is already one of the Viva Artists Agency’s certified contract stars. This move is already a stepping stone for Janina to shine and prove her abilities. Without a doubt, with her parents’ good genes and her talent, she will find a place in this industry.

What’s nice about her dream is that her parents were completely supportive, and her father is also proud of revealing personal his daughter’s dreams.

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