Gretchen Barretto, May Sampäl Na Sagot Sa Mga Pahayag Ni Julia Barretto Laban Sa Kaniya

In the intensifying clash between the sisters Gretchen and Marjorie Barretto, many hidden secrets will surely be revealed.

Marjorie threatened she would have the courage to tell all the truths after their father was buried. She is also asking for prayers for her and her children, claiming that their lives are in danger because the information she will reveal includes the name of her sister’s boyfriend.

Gretchen then accepted the challenge bravely. She thinks it’s a great move for Marjorie to finally tell the public what is true.

She also stated that she was most looking forward to this moment. Gretchen also stated that their mother will reveal the root and end of the Barretto sisters’ ongoing feud, as well as the real cause of their father’s heart attack on his birthday.

But it does not end here. Now Julia Barretto, Gretchen’s niece, released a post on social media. According to the actress, they and their family are in full support of Marjorie as she believes her mother is the one who tells the truth. She also claimed that Marjorie is only being destroyed because she lives a good life and has successful and well-raised children.

Julia said,

“The ev1l will never prevail.”

Gretchen then immediately fought back at the actress by saying, “This is hillarious Julia Barretto Baldivia. Your version of truth”. La Greta even added a laughing emoji to her post. Baldivia is the last name of Julia’s father, Dennis Padilla.

Gretchen also shared some of the netizens’ reactions to Julia’s statement on her Instagram Story.

In this heated conflict and continuous rivalry between the Barretto family, it seems like this TV series has many twists and turns for all the revelations they are giving in to each other.

Instead of helping the entire family cope with the loss of their father, things get even more complicated.

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