Melai Cantiveros, Hinangaan Ng Marami Dahil Sa Kopyang-kopya Ang Look Ni Regina Sa “Darna” Series

In the photo shared by Melai Cantiveros on Instagram recently, you’ll be confused and wonder which one of them and Janella Salvador is the real Regina in the “Darna” series as their resemblance is so strong.

Melai has been an embodiment of witty remarks since we knew her in “Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up” in 2009 due to her talent for humor and giving happiness. Throughout her career in the showbiz industry, she has never failed to lighten our hearts because every one of her jokes is truly stress-relieving.

Melai has been at the top of her career as a multi-talented actress since her PBB days until she entered the showbiz industry. The comedian’s beauty became more noticeable over time because, in the past, her striking beauty drew a lot of attention.

In Melai’s recent Instagram update, she shared a photo of herself in which her hair can be seen as a copy of Regina’s hair in the TV series “Darna” which is currently played by her fellow actress, Janella Salvador.

Momshie Melai wrote in her caption:

“Goodnight EveryOne 😘😘😘”

Melai’s resemblance to Janella Salvador was immediately noticed by her co-stars, who praised her beauty.

Eric John Salut wrote, “Pretty!!!!💕”

Vlogger and comedian Mimiyuuuh stated, “FRESH!!!!!!!”

Boobey commented, “Janella Teyyyy?😍😍😍😍”

Bianca Gonzales said, “Grabe?!?!”

Maxene Magalona commented, “Beautiful😍”

Other celebs who left positive comments included Geneva Cruz, Darla Sauler, Loisa Andalio, Chie Filomeno, and many more.

Melai recently mentioned in “Magandang Buhay” that she now likes Regina, the character played by Janella in “Darna.”

Because of her strong attachment to the character, she admitted that this is the inspiration for her current appearance, so her resemblance to her is noticeable.

Many were awed and stunned by Melai’s truly unique beauty, especially with her Regina-inspired look today. So, it is no wonder why people are praising the actress-comedian.

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