Dating PBB Housemate Na Si Franzen Fajardo, Ito Na Pala Ang Buhay Ngayon Matapos Lisanin Ang Showbiz

The Pinoy Big Brother program made an impression on Filipinos, and due to its popularity, many of the housemates who entered the Big Brother House later entered showbiz. Several seasons have passed, and several actors have become the product of the said show.

Housemate Franzen Fajardo was one of the most memorable members of PBB season 1. Franzen became close to the hearts of the audiences because of his humor and emotionality. He once shared he wanted to win to lift his family out of poverty.

To distract himself from his sadness, he teases his housemate Jason Gainza, but this is also the reason why he was kicked out of Kuya’s house early.

Franze disobeyed several rules in big brother’s house. Despite the automatic nominations, he remained in the house due to the votes of the viewers who supported him. However, he eventually evicted from the house because he did not follow the strictly forbidden rules inside Kuya’s house.

Franzen was ordered to leave Kuya’s house due to series of violations. Despite the fact that housemates Cassandra Ponti accepted her departure, Kuya chose to punish him and force him eviction, which was the first time in PBB history. He was on the verge of being evicted when he told his friend Jason what happened in the confession room.

When he left Kuya’s house, he had the opportunity to have several projects in the showbiz industry. He appeared in the films ‘White Lady’ and ‘D’ Lucky Ones,’ as well as several television shows, including the show ‘Trip na Trip,’ for which he received the PMPC Star Awards for TV Best Travel Show Host.

Although his career in show business was successful, he eventually decided to leave to pursue happiness in another field.

According to a report by Bandila in 2018, the former PBB housemate happily lived and worked in Singapore, where his key priority was the buy and sell business.Franzen returned to the Philippines in 2019 and married for the second time.

Franzen and his wife now own a salon called Bebeloves Salon by Sharina and Kakosa.

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