Jimmy Santos, Ipinakita Kung Gaano Kahirap Ang Trabaho Ng Isang Carwash Boy

For some unknown reason, our work becomes much easier when we sing along with it. Even though there is a lot of work, we don’t realize we are about to finish it because we are so invested in singing.

Jimmy Santos is a well-known comedian in the Philippine entertainment industry. Since then and until now, he has never failed to entertain the audience and fans, which is why, although there are many new comedians, the name of Jimmy Santos will never be forgotten.

We just met Jimmy for the first time on television, we can say he is a cheerful person especially because his reactions are funny, and he never runs out of jokes. But since he created his own YouTube channel, ‘Jimmy Saints,’ many of us appreciate that he has a good and cheerful heart. After all, he doesn’t just bring pure humor to every vlog because he also puts himself in the situation of an ordinary people with simple jobs, such as when he tried to be a jeep barker and make charcoal and sell it.

In his most recent vlog, Jimmy can be seen doing the car wash, a task that most people would never think Jimmy would attempt.

The comedian sings while cleaning the car. Although his clothes were soaked from water and sweat, Jimmy continued to enjoy what he was doing.

The comedian shared,

“Dahil ang kasabihan nga sa atin, kapag mahal mo ang trabaho mo, pinagbubutihan mo. Lahat po ng ating ginagawa, kailangan ay maging masaya.”

When he finished, Jimmy was busy interviewing the people who work at the car wash, asking if the customers of the said car wash were plentiful.

Furthermore, Jimmy’s vlog shows how the employees do the car wash and how difficult this job is.

As a result, many netizens expressed their appreciation to the comedian for remaining humble despite his fame.

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