Philmar Alipayo, Ibinahagi Ang Pagkakataon Na Siya Ay Makasakay Sa Pangarap Niyang Sasakyan

Many people believe that Philmar Alipayo’s dream is a glamorous house or perhaps a vacant lot, but it turns out that, contrary to his profession as a surfer, he has a dream that he has been wanting to achieve for a long time.

As we can see, Philmar is a simple man with a simple life in the province of Siargao. But, little did his fans and followers know that he has an amazing dream, so they were taken aback when he revealed it to the public.

Known as a professional surfer, not only on the island of Siargao but in other parts of the country, who would have thought that Philmar’s dream would be a car?

In their vlogs on their official YouTube channel “Happy Islanders”, Philmar’s down-to-earth personality can be seen as he has no other wish but to be with his fiancee Andi Eigenmann and their children, and many were surprised when they learned that his dream for himself was a luxury car.

It’s not just a normal car because Philmar’s “dream car” is a “Jeep Wrangler Rubicon” that costs just over a million!

According to the vehicle’s official website, the Jeep Wrangler is known for its “exceptional road powers.” Aside from that, the power of its predecessor appears to give or add to being cool to whoever is driving it.

This car is perfect for Philmar because of his personality and as a man who exudes coolness.

Philmar wrote in the caption of his post,

“Dream car Ya! pa picture only, I’m kiligers.”

He also attached photos on his Instagram account where he can be seen riding on his red “Rubicon Jeep.”

The comments section of his post was flooded with praises and positive comments from his followers.

Here are some comments:

“Super bagay!!”


“Rubicons best on off roading”


Some netizens claim that Philmar can afford the expensive car through the hard work and perseverance that he has been doing since then until now.

Nothing is impossible for a person with a dream, and thanks to Philmar’s good nature and determination in everything he wants to achieve in life, he might be able to buy his dream car in a few months!

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