Heart Evangelista, Ipinasilip Ang Loob Ng Kaniyang Classy Artista Van

We can say that Heart Evangelista’s name is associated with the words classy and elegant because from her outfit, accessories, and things she owns, she only ensures it was aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. All of us are definitely in love with the fashion style of Heart.

If we are only talking about fashion style, then Heart Evangelista is definitely a winner because she make sure that her outfits are perfect for every occasion. In fact, even when she is dress simply, she manages to look elegant, which is why many people are obsessed with the Pinay fashion icon.

Because of Heart’s strong love for fashion, her name never disappears from the guests of some famous fashion shows. But it seems that the actress’ taste is not limited to clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories because it also reflects to the design of her latest van, which has aesthetic vibes.

After Heart’s fans relentlessly begged to have an “artist van tour”, the actress finally gave in and recently showed off her van or as she calls it “fourth home”.

Most people will think that Heart’s newly purchased van is just a simple and ordinary Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. But the actress surprised everyone when she took a peek inside it because, aside from the complete equipment, it can notice the design of her artist van, a reflection of her personality and taste.

As soon as she opens it, you’ll be welcome by the van’s luxurious seats with built-in heat, which Heart loves because she is said to get cold easily.

And, because the trip is often lengthy, having the TV on is essential because Heart enjoys watching her favorite TV shows while relaxing in her chair.

In the back, she has a small living room with a minimalist vanity mirror where you can retouch your makeup. Of course, Heart’s closet, where she keeps her extra clothes, never disappears either.

We’ve seen a lot of celeb vans, but Heart’s stands out because it appears to reflect the entirety of her personality—classy and stylish.

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