Dimples Romana, Ibinahagi Ang Kanyang Momshie Realization Sa Experience Niya Sa Ikatlong Anak

Being a mother truly brings a “chance of perspective” in life and with the experience we have, our realizations are constantly increasing. Aside from being one of the most famous and iconic actresses, Dimples Romana is often admired by people for being hands-on with her Momshie duties.

We’ve seen Dimples play a villain several times, and while her acting is truly amazing, there’s no denying that she’s a caring mother in real life. Aside from her career as an actress, Dimples is also busy managing her businesses. But despite her hectic schedule, she never forgets to bond with her children. Based on her constant updates where she can be seen with her children, it can be said that she values ​​”quality time” very much.

In a recent Instagram post, the actress shared her newfound realization as a Momshie with her third child, baby Elio. When her second son, Alonzo, who is now 7 years old, came into their lives, she learned to be active in dancing and enjoy fast-paced music, but it was the complete opposite of her experience with the youngest.

Dimples wrote in the caption of her post,

“Giving birth to kuya #AlonzoRomeoJose 7 tears ago taught me to enjoy dance, make TikToks and groove every morning to fast music while this other son of mine, is teaching me to slow down.”

She added,

“My daily pocket dates with #ElioJuanManalo include classic songs, soft music and lots and lots if singing Notice how he’s also trying to sing the words with me duet eh Saka inlab na inlabb sakin yaaaan Hihi”

In the video shared by Dimples, it can be seen that she is singing “Somewhere to Watch Over Me” to baby Elio, whose attentiveness is noticeable until he sings along with his Mommy Dimples.

Although baby Elio can only slur and hum, his Mommy Dimples, as well as netizens and celebrities, were moved by the adorable and precious bonding moment between the mother and son.


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